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Annual Donations To Charitable Organizations and Individuals

The Grandsons of Italy make several chaitable donations every year. We feel that contributing to other organizations that help our community strengthens us all.


In February of 2008, we gave $500 to Saint Charles Church for construction of their service center to help the needy. (Photo: Jimmy D'Arrigo from the club, Vivian Bush and Monsignor Gallagher from St. Charles)


Every year the Grandsons of Italy make a generous donation to Cooley’s Anemia Foundation. This foundation is a United States organization offering support to thalassemia patients and their families. Thalassemia is the name for a group of blood disorders.


A few years ago, the Grandsons of Italy helped financially support a deaf female athelete during her training.


100% of all donations to the Grandsons of Italy go directly toward our charitable events. The majority of our treasury is comprised of annual dues from members, our bi-monthly raffle and donations from club members and their families.


In 2007 and 2008 we raised a considerable amount of money from the sales of our cooking DVD "Cooking and Cursing with the Grandsosn of Italy".

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