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Article I. Formation

The Grandsons of Italy in America (G.O.I.I.A.), a nonprofit organization, has its infancy in September 1989, when Tony Vallo founded an Italian-American men group. Led by Vallo, the group included Mike Policare, Lou DeMarco, Gino Dente and Jimmy Ceasar, started to meet twice a month to reflect on their Italian American upbringing and have a good time. By October 1992, after the group grew to more than 50 members, it was voted to organize into a social club to prevent the loss of the Italian culture as Italian Americans were being assimilated into the American culture. An executive board (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and member at large) was elected, by-laws were adopted and a vote to incorporate approved.


Article II. Purpose

The purpose of G.O.I.I.A is manifold:
1. To perpetuate our Italian heritage and values, which contributed greatly to making this a great country.
2. To serve as a charitable organization by utilizing our membership’s vast diversified talents, vocations, aptitudes and abilities in helping:
     a. Children regardless of all races, religious and ethnic background,
     b. Each other whenever the need arises,
3. To welcome a new member so he would feel at home with the old gang that he left back East, Midwest, or South.
4. To enjoy each other’s company.
5. To highlight each meeting by eating, laughing and arguing a moot point.


Article III. Membership

1. Membership is only open to men of Italian heritage, defined as having one or more direct ancestors born in Italy (mother, father, grandparent). A candidate who is an orphan of unknown parentage but raised in an Italian family may also be considered for membership. The decision of the Board of Directors in all membership issues shall be final.

2. There will be no associate membership classification consisting of men of non-Italian heritage.

3. All members will pay annual dues on or before the third Saturday of October. The amount of the dues will be determined by the membership. A member whose dues are in arrears will not be a member in good standing.

4. Each member in good standing is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to the membership for its approval. The majority rules.

5. Each member in good standing can only bring the same guest to regular meetings no more than four times a year. Under special circumstances, the Board may extend an invitation to a specific guest beyond four times a year provided that:
a. Said guest pay a small surcharge on the luncheon,
b. Not participate in the raffle or any other "Members Only" activity,
c. Not voice an opinion on, or vote in any official club business.

6. Membership in G.O.I.I.A. shall not be transferable or assignable.


Article IV. Meeting

1. G.O.I.I.A. will meet regularly on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.
2. G.O.I.I.A. will hold an annual meeting on the second Saturday of October.
3. This article was amended by the Oct. 15, 1994 election. See Article VIII, Amendment 1.


Article V. Officers

1. The officers of G.O.I.I.A. shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director-at-Large.
They shall be considered the Board of Directors.
2. Election of officers shall be held at the annual meeting. 3. All officers are elected for a one-year term.
4. In the event of vacancies, the membership at the next regular meeting shall elect a successor to serve the expired term.
5. All officers shall serve without any compensation. 6. The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

a. To serve as the principal executive officer,
b. To determine the agenda,
c. To convene and preside at all meetings,
d. To appoint committees and serve on all committees as member ex officio,
e. To transact with the treasurer all monetary details, including check writing, banking, etc.

Vice President:
a. To act in absence of the president,
b. To carry out and supervise any major program,
c. To carry out any duties as may be assigned by the president.

a. To record the minutes of all meetings,
b. To notify all members of a forthcoming meeting and its agenda,
c. To keep all records, d. To handle all correspondence and necessary paperwork,
e. To carry out all duties as may be assigned by the president.

a. To be the principal accounting and financial officer,
b. To keep all financial records,
c. To prepare the budget and necessary financial reports, tax returns,
d. To transact with the president all monetary details, including check writing, banking, etc.,
e. To carry out all duties as may be assigned by the president.

a. To serve as public relations officer,
b. To serve as the historian by keeping record of G.O.I.I.A. activities and events,
c. To carry out all duties as may be assigned by the president.


Article VI. Committees

1. Committees shall be formed as deemed necessary by G.O.I.I.A.
2. The president shall make all committee appointments.
3. The general membership will be in the majority on all committees. Each committee will elect its chair.


Article VII. Rules of Procedure

G.O.I.I.A may, from time to time, adopt rules to govern the conduct of its business consistent with these by-laws. Where no rule to the contrary is applicable, the procedures set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order, current edition, shall prevail.


Article VIII. Amendments to By-Laws

The by-laws can only be discussed at an annual meeting of G.O.I.I.A. and shall be amended only upon the vote of at least a majority of G.O.I.I.A. members at an annual meeting.

1. G.O.I.I.A. will meet regularly on the first and third Saturday of each month and the annual meeting will be held on the third Saturday of October.

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