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Man of the Year Dinner

Each year the Grandsons of Italy name one of our members "Man of the Year". This honor goes to a member who has given a great deal of himself to the club. This honoree represents what it truly means to be a "Grandson of Italy".


A lavish dinner is thrown in his honor where he is toasted and presented with a gold medallion containing an Italian coin. The evening consists of entertainment, food, singing, stories and jokes. It is more fun than can be described in words.

Man of The Year Honorees:

Kent Belli 2017

Ralph Forte 2015
John Leopardi 2014
Paul Pacheco 2013
Vincent Dino 2012
Vincent Oliver 2010
Vincent Corbo 2009
Vincent Raso 2008
Vito Giovannelli 2007
Jimmy D’Arrigo 2006
Frank Valentino 2005
Joe Picarrella 2004
Gary D'Allessandro 2003
Roger Pissarra 1999
John Murgo 1998
Mike Policare 1997
Tony di Milo 1996
Bill Poleri 1995
Anthony Caruso 1993
Harry Corradi 1992
Leo Matranga 1991

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